This is a csh script for collecting your MAC Book battery information.

My experience
  • According to my analyses, use your battery down to 75% and then re-charge it up to 100% to keep your battery in good condition.
  • Never use until 50% or less.  
  • Deep charging ~10-20% kills your battery.
The script: batterycount.csh
Sample output datafile: batterycount.dat
Output colums: Cycle Count, Data, Time, Current Capacity, Fully Charge, AC, Charging, Max. Capacity, Healty Percentage (respect to Design Capacity), Healty Condition, Cycle Count Flag

Apple: Maximizing battery life and lifespan | Battery cycle for Mac |

This graph shows 2-year battery information (Oct 2014 - Feb 2016). There are about 25000 data points. The final healthy level is 97%. The red diamonds shows the deep charging (~10-20%) times. After 4 deep-charge the healthy level decreased to ~98% dramatically (orange diamonds are 50% charge or less).  The yellow diamonds is about 75% charge. Continuously draining to 75% charge and fill to 100% may increase the battery healthy level. The graphs were ploted with Generic Mapping Tools.

This is coconutBattery graph of my MAC Book Pro. After 24 month my level is above the average.

This is coconutBattery graph for cycle counts. It is clearly seen that the capacity of my battery is higher than the average.